Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cats On Tuesday--Anela Yearns

Anela Here: It's MY day again today--Cats On Tuesday! My Cat Slave hasn't taken any recent photos of me because she's been too busy preparing for the arrival of yet another Cat Slave to temporarily live with us. I like this incoming Cat Slave as she knows just how to pet me, plus she likes to spend time with me telling me how wonderful I am.

While awaiting her arrival, I pester my other Cat Slave to keep clicking the Random Kitten Generator so I can recall what it was like to be young again. I imagine myself as a young, adorable kitten where the world is my catnip. Oh to be young again!

I softly hum the tune to "Memories" from the musical "Cats" and yearn to be young again.

And how about you? Are you having a cat-fastic summer?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cats On Tuesday--Anela Scores

Anela Here: Today was my lucky day! Ya see, my Numero Uno Cat Slave was half-awake, and when he was giving me my morning Temptations treats, he also gave me guppy food!

So I thought to myself, "Why not give this guppy food a try! It smells good, and every day the guppies gobble it up!"

And ya know what--I liked it too! Now I'm gonna demand BOTH because that's the kind of cat I am--I know what I want and I'll pester my cat slaves until they cave.

I've got my cat slave's numbers. Numero Uno Cat Slave (the male) is the easiest, but he's also more frugal with treats. Cat Slave Duo (the female) is harder to manipulate, and I have to work her. However, when she gives treats, she gives treats! Va-va-voom! Mama Mia. She knows how to put out a spread!

Note: Cat Slave Number Two thought it would be funny to post this photo of me with one eye open and one eye closed to accompany my Cats On Tuesday post.

My dear cat friends around the world, I ask you, "Have you ever tried goldfish or guppy food?"

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cats On Tuesday--Sunny Summers

Anela here: Summertime is my favorite season on Maui, and here's the reason why: less rain! I dislike the rain because it keeps me indoors, and since I love to lounge around outdoors and take sunbaths, rain is a total bummer.

I've never liked water, and lucky for me, my cat slaves don't bathe me. They let me take care of that myself. So sometimes I'll run through the sprinklers just for a quickie refresher. Since I have so much white fur on my body, I'm always cleaning myself as I like to look fab.

Another thing I dislike is my cat slave disrupting my morning snooze on the deck when she waters her plants. Then I hightail it inside so not one drop of water touches me.

Water is good for one thing in my book: to lap up when I'm thirsty.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Cats On Tuesday--Cat Yoga

Anela here: for all my cat friends, please observe my hatha yoga position. This one is great for us old cats as we need a really good stretch to keep ourselves limber and youthful. Stretch your front legs over your head, hold, and breathe through your pain while envisioning Temptation Treats.
Once you're finished with this stretching exercise, take a relaxing sun bath. The Vitamin D is extremely good for you--or so my Numero Uno Cat Slave sez!
As you're relaxing, have your Cat Slave read to you the true story about the Cat and the Bear. Tell your slaves to click here for the story.

You should feel a lot bettah after your yoga, nap, and bedtime story.