Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cats On Tuesday--Anela Scores

Anela Here: Today was my lucky day! Ya see, my Numero Uno Cat Slave was half-awake, and when he was giving me my morning Temptations treats, he also gave me guppy food!

So I thought to myself, "Why not give this guppy food a try! It smells good, and every day the guppies gobble it up!"

And ya know what--I liked it too! Now I'm gonna demand BOTH because that's the kind of cat I am--I know what I want and I'll pester my cat slaves until they cave.

I've got my cat slave's numbers. Numero Uno Cat Slave (the male) is the easiest, but he's also more frugal with treats. Cat Slave Duo (the female) is harder to manipulate, and I have to work her. However, when she gives treats, she gives treats! Va-va-voom! Mama Mia. She knows how to put out a spread!

Note: Cat Slave Number Two thought it would be funny to post this photo of me with one eye open and one eye closed to accompany my Cats On Tuesday post.

My dear cat friends around the world, I ask you, "Have you ever tried goldfish or guppy food?"


claudie said...

It sounds you will get all you want of your two slaves! You are so cute on the picture! Who could resist to you?!

Deana said...

I am sure mine would try it if we had any. They love to eat, that is for sure. I have often thought of buying a goldfish for my cats to enjoy looking at. Darius, my boy cat, loves hanging at the dock of our lake watching the fish but he can't really see them that well so I think he'd adore a bowl he could see through.

Gattina said...

Anela too belongs to the poor suffering cats, lol !
I am in a summerschool for the moment, attending a photo course. It's very nice here, we are around 300 students also for painting, sculpturing, music etc.

katztales said...

Guppy food??? Now there's an interesting idea. We haven't tried it. But Au loves visiting the guppies across the street. (And luckily for neighbourhood harmony he NEVER puts his paws in the water!)

Peacock and Paisley said...

One of my cats loves Betta food!!