Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Cats On Tuesday--Anela Awaits The Party

Anela Here: I'm very excited because my Cat Slaves are throwing a BIG party, and I LUVS parties. This gives me the opportunity to sniff people up on my territory which feels comfortable to me. And this saves me the time to go looking for people to give more MORE attention.

My Numero Duo Cat Slave has been moving everything around in preparation for this party, and she barely gives me any attention at all. My bed has been moved twice already, and I overheard her talking that she's even going to move my cat bowl the night of the party! She'll probably hide it somewhere out of sight, and I'll have to search for it. Sigh!

How do you like the Warhol-esque photo montage she made from my photo? You can barely recognize it's me--Queenie Anela. It's kinda like I'm feeling right now--invisible!

However, on party night I won't be invisible. Everyone will notice me. I'll make sure of that!


Luna said...

I like the warhol-collage!

Have fun with your party!!!

Jewelgirl said...

This is cute! It should be a
myspace backround! Happy COT!

catsynth said...

Great photos. They are very warhol-esque, but more abstract :)

TorAa said...

The Warhol type pictures of you put's you in disguise. You could be nearly anybody.

I'm sure you gonna tell the guests who are the boss during the party. Miueew

Gattina said...

Fortunately she told that it was you, lol ! Arthur too loves parties ! He behaves like an old crooner then. Have a lot of fun !
I am leaving in an hour for London with the Eurostar ! See you then from England !

Lydia said...

Very creative adaptation of the photo. Feather says she doesn't like parties, too stressful, so her slaves don't have many. We hope yours is great!