Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cats On Tuesday--Anela Is Lonely

Anela here: Well, my Humans took yet another vacation and left me HOME ALONE! Of course, they made sure the cat-sitter came in every day and took care of my needs, but it simply wasn't the same without them to boss around.

They finally came home, and I complained and complained LOUDLY to express my dismay at being left alone without their services. I wouldn't shut up until I gave it to them good---at least three days of continuous yapping at them. That felt really good!

My Number Two Cat Slave told me they had met many nice cats in Ecuador when they visited there, and she even had the nerve to post a photo of one (above) on my cat page. Imagine! She thinks this cat looks like it's smiling, but I know better. I could caption that expression very well!

Next week my Cat Slave promises to post more photos of me, and she apologizes to all of you for her absence and lack of Cat On Tuesday posts.