Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Cats On Tuesday--Anela Relaxes

Anela Here: Yay...it's MY day again--Cats On Tuesday, my favorite day of the week because I get to tell my side of the story.

Since my Cat Slaves returned home, I've been soooo happy and relaxed again. The photo of me lounging in the sun (above) is very typical of my usual resting style during the day--paws reaching for the sky as I lay on my back.

As I relax, my Number Two Cat Slave runs around the home tidying things, refreshing my cat bowls, clanging her Tibetan bell and beating her Indian drum to clear energies. I must say she is a very neat housekeeper and attentive to small details. When it comes to cleaning up my white cat hair which falls on the floor, she is quick to vacuum. She doesn't much care for my cat hair when it's not on my body I take it.

I stick much closer to my Cat Slaves now they've returned from their vacation. I appreciate them so much more and want to let them know I prefer it when they're home. Who says that cats are cold, unfeeling creatures doesn't know cats! We simply express in a different way than do dogs.


Lifecruiser said...

Oh, she is just so cute and cozy-looking. They certainly is experts on the art of enjoying their time - and it shows :-)

katztales said...

Good to hear the servants are back - and hopefully nicely refreshed and ready to spoil you more than ever. you look very pretty lying there in the sunshine!

Michelle said...

That is one relaxed cat! Soooo cute. :)

Gattina said...

I can imagine that you are happy to have your slaves back, even if she uses the vacuum cleaner ! Arthur also thinks that it is very comfortable to sleep on the back with four paws in the air !
Lisa (17)has to take the "happy" pill she suffered from anxiety in the night ! she yowled the whole night through and kept us awake it was awful ! then she peed everywhere especially on carpets or against furniture. Terrible !! The vet stated that she had hormonal disturbances, just like old women sometimes and needs medication.
Ever since she sleeps well, has put on weight, seems happy again and doesn't pee anymore in the house !
Treats she gets enough but they don't help when a cat suffers depressions !
Honnestly I didn't know all that, but I tell you it started smelling in the whole house it was really terrible !