Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cats On Tuesday

Anela here: It's MY day again--Cats on Tuesday!

Everything has settled back into 'normal' in my home again, and I have nothing to complain about. I lead a privileged life, and even though I hear talk from my Cat Slaves with words like 'depression', 'economic down-turn', 'recession', and such, my cat bowl is still full everyday, and my Temptation treats are delivered right on schedule.

Worse come to worse, us cats know how to stalk and forage, and there are plenty of geckos, field mice, and birds to keep us Maui cats going. It's said that the most likely animals to survive a crisis in the world are cats.

However, I hope the economy doesn't get so bad that my Temptations treats aren't shipped to Maui anymore-- ya see, I'm addicted to them. Survival is one thing, but not having my daily quota of treats would be a serious CRISIS.


Gattina said...

Don't be so pessimistic, I am sure you will always get your temptations I noticed that you bought a new eyeliner ! Makes your eyes real beautiful ! Don't forget to come earlier to COTs otherwise we think that you are too lazy to participate ! Greetings from Arthur and his harem !

Free Music said...

yeah have a positive attitude

claudie said...

Yes If it continues The cats here and their humans won't open the TV!!! what an economical climate!!!
But Gattina is right ! We must stay optimistic every day!