Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Cats On Tuesday--Anela Sees Something

Anela here: I wish my Cat Slaves could see half of what I see visiting our home! It's so frustrating trying to tell my Cat Slaves about the invisible 'visitors' we receive. I can only demonstrate through my behavior because they don't understand cat language.

Here's an example: There's a bedroom in our home where lives a magnificent, magical dragon which only comes out at night. During the daylight, the dragon sleeps in her cave deep under the bedroom floor, but around early evening, she likes to poke her head up and check out everything. It's at this time that she whistles for me, and I want to come visit her. I MUST go see her because her power compels me to visit her.

However, my Cat Slaves don't see her or hear her, and they don't want to let me into the bedroom (door closed) so I can go play with my dragon friend. So I have to drive my Cat Slaves crazy with meowing until they relent and let me in the door.

After they let me in, I greet the dragon with loud purrs and walk crouched down close to the floor so the Cat Slaves will hopefully watch and listen and learn from my behavior. Of course, they don't see what I see: a beautiful, pink colored dragon who is happy to see me! And I'm happy to see her too because she is so sweet and loving!

Then my Cat Slaves force me to leave the bedroom and talk about me the rest of the evening and scratch their heads and wonder if I'm a crazy cat. However, they've started to catch on at last, and now they realize I'm a very lucky cat to have an *invisible* friend.

How do you like my first cat tale of the year?

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Gattina said...

Lisa must have a lot of invisible friends in the whole house because she can't stand a closed door she would meow and scratch until somebody opens the door and then she doesn't even go in the room ! Fortunately she choose us to live with because I can't stand closed doors either. Except the bathroom all doors in our house are cat friendly and open !