Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Cats and Dogs--One Big Happy Family

This is the 1st post I've written on any of my many blogs since my return from Asia, but Queenie, aka Anela, my BOSS, absolutely insisted she get her Cat Day once again.

Yes, I had been suffering from juggler's fatigue with way too many blogs for far too many years, and upon return from my last arduous journey to Base Camp Mount Everest, I needed even more time away from blogging.

However, here's an update on Anela for her fellow felines of Cats on Tuesday!

Before I give you the report, I'm gonna share a test I took to see if I could tell whether a cat was a boy or a girl just by looking at a photo.

"Here's my test results: Your Score: You got 13 right out of 20 questions, for a score of 65 percent."

If you'd also like to take this test, here's the link: Boy Girl Cat Quiz

So back to Queenie Anela news:

I'd like to brag about her...she's one VERY COOL cat. Here's her latest demonstration of coolness.

There is a new puppy on our property, an American Bulldog. His name is Charlie, and he is totally adorable but rambunctious as puppies are wont to be. Charlie is totally fascinated with Anela, and when they were first introduced (with Charlie being on a leash of course), Anela didn't hiss or run or freak-out in any way. She held her ground and stared him down with zero fear. She didn't budge from her resting spot.

Charlie is the new 'baby' of my daughter and her fiancee, and they also reside on the property in their own home. Notice the eyes of Charlie--one is blue, and one is brown.

Anela had already spied Charlie running around on HER land, so she was quite aware of him already, but bringing him into HER immediate home space was of some concern for me. Would the two of them KNOW they were part of the family? Would they get along?

And praises be, they are getting on! They're communicating on a level beyond our hearing, and they seem to know that they're part of the family unit.

Anela and I send our warmest A-L-O-H-A to all our Cats on Tuesday friends! We've missed ya!


Luna said...

ALOHA to you too. We are glad your back, now!

That seems to be a nice white doggie!
He will be a challenge for Queenie Anela
We are sure, they would get along soon.

Happy Tuesday, friends!!!

TorAa said...

This is life, when we are here and there, working and experiencing and thinking about new projects.

Thanks for rediscovering my humle blog. You are of course on my public blog-friend list.

As you might have discovered, I've been very busy at work for months.
Eeven PB and Twitter have been rarely visiting - etc

katztales said...

Finally you're back! We've missed you and Queen Anela. Isn't she a sweetheart to take in a dog? I'm looking forward to seeing her train him :P

Gattina said...

Happy to see you back ! that was quite a long time !!
Too many blogs is too much work. I keep up my Writer Cramps, and the photos, the cats are 2 to 3 times per week not more and the travel blog I only use when I had travelled (logical) That keeps me reasonably busy, I mean for a retired person. Otherwise I would have too much time.
The doggy is really funny with his different eyes. You will see they will get along very soon, they just need a little time.

Single Maria said...

Thanks for the post. It really can be called "art". They are very happy, and I also would like to have such a big and happy family. My congratulations to you! Its a rarity now. I can say I even envy you.