Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cats On Tuesday--Manipulative Purrs

It came as no surprise to read the Discovery post about cat's manipulative purrs titled "Cats Use Special Purr to Manipulate Humans". All of us cat women/men know this one, right???

Here's the link in case you missed it. I twittered about it right away because I was so amused!

Link to Special Purr to Manipulate Humans

It's this one paragraph which really says it all:

"Cats have about the right size of vocal folds to produce a cry that is similar to a baby's, so there is a coincidental element," explained McComb. "In fact, the meow can sound remarkably like a crying child, which will be particularly effective with humans."

This is how Ms. Queenie Anela works my partner....it's his instinct to take care of a baby.

However, since I'm the Alpha Cat in our home, I'm onto her baby-sounding-meow, and she can't work me like she does him.

And do your cats manipulate you?

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katztales said...

I saw that too and am amazed someone paid for this research to discover "the unknown" facts of purring. Jeez, why not just as a cat lover? Bet you've got some stylish purrs sweetie!

Gattina said...

Mr. Gattino is the slave of the cats but really ! He wouldn't even sit on the sofa if a cat sits on his place. Each time somebody says a little meauw, he jumps to check if there is food ! sometimes he drives me crazy ! I love my cats too, but I am not their slaves, I am more the cat mum !
This Twitter thing starts to interest me. Can you explain it a little more in an email ?
I don't like Facebook, I had to subscribe to see the pictures my son had taken in Iceland and suddenly I have 73 (at least) people on my baskets who want to be my friend ! I have no time for that ! They recognized me under my real name ! I was stupid I had put the same picture of me, lol !

tramadol said...

I love cats! Just like humans, cats use their voice in varying sounds and degrees to express many different things.

penisvergr├Â├čerung said...

Really, I had no idea. Well it does not work on me as I just get scarred of them:)

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amazing story about the cats.so much work done on cats and behaviour of the cats....

Jelly said...

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