Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Cats On Tuesday--Cat Communication

Anela here: Yes, it's been awhile since my Number Two Cat Slave posted! I've kept her company as she's been researching and writing....it seems she's working on a big project. We of the Cat Tribes are known to be Muses, and we've inspired many an artist and inventor throughout history. She knows this fact, and she loves me to be close as she creates.

Sometimes she talks to me about her ideas, and I listen and give her my feedback. Then she'll rub my ears, and suddenly she's receives a *download* and goes back to work with renewed passion. This is how cat magick works.

She tells me she's going to mention me in the acknowledgments, and rightfully so I might add!

I watched the cat talking video below with her, and let me tell ya: my Cat Slave is nowhere near this sappy! If she ever talked to me this way, I might move on down the road. Just kidding. I've got a great life, plus I've got a job: inspire her to finish the project!

P.S. I think this white fur ball is really cute.

P.P.S. Basha... in case you're sneaking onto the computer against doctor's orders, we send you a Shout Out to feel bettah soon!